Monday, August 22, 2005

JV Opportunities with Gift Giving

No matter what your business deals with, you will find
other businesses with products and services that
compliment yours. And if you enter into a Joint Venture
(JV) with one or more of these other companies, your
sales could definitely get a boost.

What is a JV? It is a partnership or conglomerate,
generally formed to share risk or areas of expertise.
It's also one of the hottest market trends these days.

Benefits of JVs

A JV can cut down a lot on business cost factors like
promotions, advertisements, market research and so on.
Another important benefit is that when two companies
join hands, they share their customer bases. And an
increased customer base is a boon to any business.

Why Gifts

JV opportunities with gift giving can also greatly
increase business opportunities; like prospects and
sales, since gifts are a universal way of showing care
and goodwill. For example, if you have an auto parts
business and you got friendly with a person having a
car dealership over a round of golf, this could be your
opportunity of entering into a JV with him. You already
know that your potential business partner shares an
interest in golf, so you could initiate the business
partnership informally over a cup of coffee and a nice
set of golf clubs as a gift for him.

This was just a hypothetical situation, but even in reality,
business deals and JVs are initiated with proper and
suitable gifts. The main logic behind this is that if you are
sincere enough to find out the tastes of a person to gift
him a suitable gift, then you are worthy enough to enter
into a business partnership with him.

So seek out JV partnerships that compliment your
product and service lines. Then reach out with
appropriate gift-giving to show your interest and care.

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