Monday, August 15, 2005

Value Added Packages – The Best Way to Boost Your Business

A lot of research and development (R&D) money of a
company is spent on finding out ways to promote and
boost sales. Value added packages are a simple yet
sure shot way of enhancing sales. The packages could
be anything from adding attractive freebies with your
products and/or services, providing samples, or offering
complementary services with your products.

The Best Value to Add to Your Package
While devising such value added plans, begin by
mapping out what you have to offer in addition to your
current products and services. The overall goal to keep
in mind is that you dont want your customers and
prospects to refuse the deal you are offering.

Use your creativity and imagination to come up with
unique and utilitarian ideas. Page through industry
publications, especially the classified sections, for idea
and keep an eye out for an offset product or a service
that would best compliment your product. This would
definitely give you an edge, because usually the
customers have to pay for that otherwise. For instance
if you sell cars, offer a value added package of free
maintenance for a specific period or offer free car
accessories that are usually very essential but not free.

Gifts Make It Irresistible
You can also focus on choosing sensible gifts to
compliment your product or services. For example,
if you are in the apparel business, offer free gifts of
elegant cuff links with every tuxedo, or a top-of-the-range
shirt with every two tuxedos. If you are in the hospitality
business, formulate some packages that have free gifts,
gift coupons and complimentary services that add value to
the service of your clients, like a wellness gift package for
their return home from a lengthy recovery period.

Your business could increase manifolds if you introduce
a value added scheme in your sales strategy. So get
creative, grab a pencil and paper and start mapping out
some package ideas today!

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