Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

FEMA, along with its federal partners, state governments
and voluntary agencies, are all working to keep meals
ready to eat (MREs), food, water, ice, medical supplies,
generators, and other critical commodities flowing into
hurricane-hit areas.

“This is a disaster of catastrophic magnitude like none
we’ve seen before,” said Brown Michael D. Brown,
head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
“It has created challenges that we are working around
the clock to address and fix. In the meantime, we
continue life-saving and sustaining efforts and directing
resources to those with the most urgent needs.” [full story]

How you can help

- Beware of charity fraud
- Check the credibility of charitable organizations
- Please check with your tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for more information regarding the tax deductibility of your donation.

Donate cash

American Red Cross
1-800-HELP NOW (435-7669) English
1-800-257-7575 Spanish

America’s Second Harvest

Operation Blessing

Humane Society of the United States

UJA Federation of New York

United Jewish Communities

Donate your spare change

Donate Now to the American Red Cross at Coinstar machines

Just by bringing your spare change to the grocery store,
you can help the American Red Cross bring relief to
disaster victims in your area and across the country.

If half of those Americans living within 2 miles of a
Coinstar machine donated just $1 in spare change to
the Red Cross, it would raise more than $65 million to
support American Red Cross lifesaving services in
communities nationwide!

Find the Coinstar machine nearest you. (Please note
that some Coinstar machines are not yet equipped with
the donation option. To confirm that your grocery store
can accept donations to the American Red Cross, please
call 1-800-928-CASH or visit

More information available from FEMA.

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